Monday, July 26, 2010

Early prep

We're getting ready, and excited. Ian's in the trailer right now, laying a new floor since we don't want to live with the existing carpet. Sidney, one of the cats, is hanging out around the door, wondering what we're up to now. I'm looking at all the stuff I want to fit in the trailer, and wondering just how we're going to do that. But new under-bed storage units should help with a second season of clothes, since we'll pack the summer stuff in the cabinets.
The trailer is 17-feet long, bumper to hitch, which leaves us about 14 feet inside for a double bed, bathroom, couch and kitchen area. Not enough room to swing a cat, as they say. And we'll have two of them. Luther's the type to be happy because there's a bed. His needs are met. Sidney has earned the title of Houdini, since he escaped on each of his first two camping trips. Consequently, we'll be carrying a covered playpen, just for the cats to get some outdoor time. It's only a coincidence the playpen's brand name is Happy Camper.
The itinerary is loose, but we are definitely leaving on Aug. 13. We plan to make our way across Canada first, but aren't sure we'll have time to get to Newfoundland. We have to be back in Michigan by mid-October for our nephew's wedding, and then we'll head south, ahead of the snow. At least that's the plan.
What we know from previous trips is we'll get the urge to write about all this, and about the people we'll meet.

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  1. Swing a cat? No room in our rig (Don't call it a thing). I reckon (practicing my southern jargon) the floor is 8 by 2, Add the over cab and the total length is about 12 feet.

    So far, 4 nights in the camper but we ran into thunderstorms in Northern Michigan so we are in a motel tonight.

    Keep on blogging